About Fishmob

Fishmob was dreamed up between two friends in 2017 to bring unique and limited edition offerings to a wider audience – like an exclusive, secret club. We've been working along side New Zealand's top artists and suppliers of fine goods for the better part of a decade, and source only the best items for you.

Now we are an operation stationed in New Zealand with distribution and workshops in Auckland and Dunedin. We scour the length of the country to find you the best deals on limited edition prints, art pieces, limited-run apparel designs, and art objects.

In 2021, we joined forces with an established Dunedin framing workshop to offer high-quality and affordable framing as an option along side our art prints. We now have a team of eight framers. Bringing framing in-house allowed us to quality control our frames to ensure they are beautiful and ready to hang. We've developed our own rugged shipping boxes to protect our frame's journey to your door.   

To be the first in queue for our more limited release items, subscribe to our Priority Queue mailing list.

About our prints

We only stock premium quality prints, so you can be confident that you're buying only the best. Here's a couple of reasons why our prints are so special:

  • 🏅 All our prints have a mark of authenticity
    Whether that be the artist signature, an official embossed mark, or an official stamp

  • 🌈 Our prints are offset print instead of being digitally printed
    This leads to higher colour accuracy, and higher detail in the print

  • ✨ Printed on quality art stock
    Our prints are printed on premium quality silk matte art stock with a 250gsm paper weight

  • ✅ All prints have been signed off by the artist
    We've got the artists' seal of approval!