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New Frank Gordon Limited Editions.

Frank Gordon has released "Blossoming Birds of Aotearoa" as a limited edition print

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The Rita Angus collection.

Iconic Rita Angus art prints are now available on Fishmob.

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NZ Road Signs.

A collection of customisable NZ road signs to call your own!

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Boho Tiki Series.

A new series of Tiki Prints by Dick Frizzell.

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Pop birds.

Remix of old favourites.

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Pizzas at the Beach.

A new kaleidoscope art print by Pia Davie.

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🎨 Fishmob Artists.

Dick Frizzell.

Dick Frizzell is one of NZ's most recognisable artist with a style ranging from pop art to beautiful landscapes.

The Dick Frizzell collection

Don Binney.

Late New Zealand artist Don Binney is most renowned for his paintings of iconic and often stylised native birds set against dramatic cliffs, hills, and coastal landscapes.

The Don Binney collection

Sam Foley.

Sam is an internationally recognised artist with detailed paintings portraying nature and urban landscapes, combining aspects of hyper-realism and photo-realism.

The Sam Foley collection

Weston Frizzell.

The Weston Frizzell duo are known for works that embodies an informed, and witty approach to juxtaposing art history and contemporary media.

The Weston Frizzell collection

Frank Gordon.

Dunedin-based Frank Gordon is a painter of whimsical scenes often featuring New Zealand's iconic native birds, landmarks, and characters.

The Frank Gordon collection

Jenni Stringleman.

Jenni's paintings often portray a view of life as if seen through a kaleidoscope, reflecting her deep connection to cubism and expressionism, with a palette uniquely influenced by a life in the subtropical north of New Zealand. 

The Jenni Stringleman collection

Simon Stockley.

Simon is currently producing a series of digital prints as well as continuing his 25-year passion for computer-generated images which Simon uses as source material for his paintings and posters.

The Simon Stockley collection

Fiona Kerr Gedson.

Fiona's meticulously crafted feather pieces have been described by Curators as 'meditative and encompassing of many cultures'.

The Fiona Kerr Gedson collection

Greg Straight.

Greg has released a collection sought after New Zealand inspired art prints are colourful, stylised and geometric with a nostalgic feel.

The Greg Straight collection
“Pastoral, Te Henga” print by Don Binney"Daffy to Daffy" Cancer Society NZ fundraiser art print by Dick FrizzellSigned Hot Buttered (Scone Recipe) print by Dick Frizzell“A Lad Insane” signed art print by Dick FrizzellBig Bunch signed Dick Frizzell print

Premium Art Print Range.

We're here to make beautiful NZ art accessible. On top of all our artist prints having a mark of authenticity, all purchases also come with free shipping within NZ.

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Love Flows from Kisses – Limited Edition Screenprint  by Dick FrizzellMickey to Tiki (Reversed) – Limited Edition Screenprint by Dick FrizzellRangi - Limited Edition Screenprint by Weston FrizzellOf 2 Halves - Limited Edition Screenprint by Weston Frizzell"Bird Study I – Tui" limited edition AP giclee print by Frank Gordon

Limited Edition Prints.

View our collection of limited edition screenprints from artists such as Dick Frizzell and Weston Frizzell, including rare pieces no longer in circulation.

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