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"Dream Birds" by Frank Gordon

A sequel to the crowd favourite "Flights and Foliage"

$99 signed print

"Night Approaches Beattie Road" by Grahame Sydney.

A new watercolour reproduction release from renowned landscape artist Grahame Sydney.

$99 signed print

"A Ship Between Islands" by Jason Kelly

Welcoming Jason Kelly onboard to Fishmob as a new artist!

$99 signed print
"Dream Birds" signed print by Frank Gordon"A Ship Between Islands" signed print by Jason Kelly"Queen of Science" print signed by Dr Siouxsie Wiles & Weston Frizzell"Intersection, Port Chalmers" signed print by Sam Foley"Rozzie at Pisa" signed print by Grahame Sydney

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We're on a mission to make good art accessible. On top of all our prints having a mark of authenticity, all purchases also come with free shipping within NZ.

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Mickey to Tiki (Reversed) – Limited Edition Screenprint by Dick FrizzellLove Flows from Kisses – Limited Edition Screenprint  by Dick FrizzellRangi - Limited Edition Screenprint by Weston FrizzellA Lad Insane – Limited Edition Screenprint by Dick FrizzellOf 2 Halves - Limited Edition Screenprint by Weston Frizzell

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View our collection of limited edition screenprints from artists such as Dick Frizzell and Weston Frizzell, including rare pieces no longer in circulation.

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