A Heart for Children (Ukraine) – Charity Art Auction 💙💛

It is heart-breaking to see what is going on in Ukraine at the moment and it is even more heart-breaking knowing there are innocent children being separated from their parents, fleeing their homes leaving everything behind.

Together with all our artist friends we’ve decided to help – All artworks displayed here have been donated by the artists directly, with 100% of all auction proceeds will go to a fund dedicated to helping children of Ukraine, run by the charitable organisation “A Heart for Children” (Ein Herz für Kinder) based in Germany.

This charity is fully-funded by Germany’s largest publishing company Axel Springer Verlag, which means that 100% of the donations reach their intended goal.

Our amazing friends at Trade Me have also agreed to waive all fees and promote this auction to maximise funds raised for the cause. And Gow Langsford Gallery has also helped, extending the initiative to their network of artists as well.

Thanks to all who donated works, those who participated in bidding, and those who shared the auction amongst their networks! We have managed to raise a total of $100k for charity.

💙💛 Works of art

Box of Tomatoes (2022) – Dick Frizzell

Dick Frizzell is one of NZ's most recognisable artist with a style ranging from pop art to beautiful landscapes.

Acrylic on canvas, measures 400x300mm.

Sold for $7,050

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He Whanaunga, 2013 – John Walsh

John Walsh weaves a rich tapestry of Māori mythology and legend along with contemporary societal commentary in his figuratively based paintings.

Intaglio etching and aquatint measuring 760x560mm, limited edition 22/40. Donated with support from Gow Langsford Gallery.

Sold for $1,251

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Oh No Thinker Gnome, 2021 – Gregor Kregar

Gregor Kregar works with an extensive range of media, from stainless and corten steel, glazed porcelain, and cast glass through to bronze and fiberglass.

Glazed ceramic, matte lustre measuring 550x230x155mm. Donated with support from Gow Langsford Gallery.

Sold for $3,020

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Into the Light, 2021 – Max Gimblett

Known for creating distinct canvas shapes, such as the quatrefoil, he expresses his energy through painting and continues to experiment with form, colour, and precious metals in his practice today.

Screenprint on 50% cotton paper, limited edition of 10 (AP 1/3) 560x560mm. Donated with support from Gow Langsford Gallery.

Sold for $6,500

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All My Favourite Shapes (The Mini Set, 2020) – Sara Hughes

Sara Hughes is an artist whose work radiates dynamism; as can be seen in her intimate paintings, immersive installations and large-scale public projects.

Self-adhesive blackboard, 240 magnetic shapes, NZ pine wooden box, limited edition poster. Magnetic board measures 1000x600mm. Donated with support from Gow Langsford Gallery.

Sold for $630

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Untitled (Rabbit) – Paul Dibble

Sculptor Paul Dibble is a leading artist of his generation and one of few artists in this country who casts his own works in bronze.

Cast bronze sculpture measuring 310x415x100mm. Limited run 4/10. Donated with support from Gow Langsford Gallery.

Sold for $5,950

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Up U – Weston Frizzell

The collaborative identity of artists Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston, their work embodies an informed, and witty approach to juxtaposing art history and contemporary media.

Signed limited edition giclee on 100% cotton rag.

Sold for $2,610

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Saturday Sun – Jenni Stringleman

Jenni Stringleman's bright, textured and complex oil paintings often portray a view of life as if seen through a kaleidoscope, reflecting her deep connection to cubism and expressionism, with a palette uniquely influenced by a life in the subtropical north of New Zealand.

Textured oil painting on 40cm diameter cradled panel.

Sold for $1,720

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Jewels of the Forest (2022) - Frank Gordon

Dunedin-based Frank Gordon is a painter of whimsical scenes often featuring New Zealand's iconic native birds, landmarks, and characters.

Acrylic painting on canvas featuring NZ feathers and fauna. 28 x 36 cm.

Sold for $2,660

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Mount Curl (2022) – Karl Maughan

Karl is not only the best-known garden painter in New Zealand, he is one of the most successful in the world. His canvas paintings are highly saught-after and often sell out before they reach a gallery.

Oil on canvas, measuring a massive 150 x 100cm.

Sold for $41,350

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Earth Tone Tiki – Otis Frizzell

Otis has more than 20 years of public graffiti art experience, with many of these techniques used to bring his work to life.

Limited edition screenprint (limited edition size of 150). Signed, dated, and numbered in pencil by Otis Frizzell. 75 x 56cm.

Sold for $850

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No. 2 (2022) – Ricky Drew

Ricky Drew is an Otago based artist, specialising in high-quality contemporary realism. His preferred medium is acrylics.

Acylic on canvas, 100 x 80cm.

Sold for $9,050

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Lotsa Love (2022) – Sir Michael Hill

Renowned global jeweller Sir Michael Hill has a habit of doodling his diary entries ranging from thoughtful musings alongside chaos and contradiction.

Pencil drawing, signed, framed. 49 x 62 cm.

Sold for $5,050

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Victory (2022) – Ewan McDougall

Ewan McDougall is an expressionist painter based on the Otago Peninsula. He has a vibrant signature style. His witty, outrageous works are inhabited by a wealth of personal references to his sometimes volatile life.

Oil on canvas, 30 x 40cm.

Sold for $5,400

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Garden of Eden (2021) – Darryn George

Darryn George is a New Zealand artist of Ngapuhi descent. Primarily working with geometric abstraction in a palette reduced to red, black and white, his more recent works have included figurative elements in a bright palette.

Oil pastel and Acrylic on canvas. 45 x 35cm framed.

Sold for $2,830

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Window Vessel – Aaron Obbeek

Aaron Obbeek is a New Zealand artist specialising in abstract ceramic and sculptural works, with clay and scent as his favourite mediums. Aaron's work incorporates themes of identity, protection and ritual found in the everyday.

Ceramic, raku and gold lustre glaze. Measures 165 x 125 x 160mm.

Sold for $500

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Bunker Bunny (2022) – Ollie Hill

Oliver Hill was born in Queenstown New Zealand before moving to Christchurch in his late teenage years to work as a jeweller where he discovered his passion for jewellery making. His paintings have always been a middle ground for what we consider conscious and unconscious. They are an expression of thought in which we express through visual form as a static image.

Acrylic on canvas. 46 x 60 cm.

Sold for $1,800

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Conquering Hero – Dave Sharp

Ceramic artist Dave Sharp resides in a special spot - Pūrākaunui, a tidal inlet some north of Dunedin. Raku remains his preferred method of firing - most of all he loves its immediacy and its randomness, though the latter is also a source of frequent frustration.

Glazed ceramic. 26 x 35 x 17cm.

Sold for $505

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💙💛 With special thanks to…

A Heart for Children (Ein Herz für Kinder)

Thank you for providing for children in need and setting up a fund to support affected Ukranian children.

Trade Me

Many thanks for Trade Me for supporting and running our art auctions, promoting the listings and waiving all success fees.